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Welcome from Albie & Elizabeta owners of 
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The Formula For
Our Success



Here are the 12 Keys to YOUR Success: 


We only promote what people need on safelists

We realized that everyone was competing with each other to promote 
their own businesses. I mean, why would you want to join my business,
when you have your own? 
AND why not just give people the traffic they need 
to promote their business instead?

You can see how to get 5000 FREE CREDITS, Plus 1 Solo

We also show you how to get
free solos EVERY day!

We have a powerful business that opens the door
for us to earn 6 figures online.

I was introduced to my mentor here and they taught me real skills to succeed 
AND with a program that has all the right tools.


This is my highest-income producer right here!
Of course, I can't guarantee income for many reasons, work ethic being one. 

I always say that in life,
the right actions bring about the right results. And I believe
that life will help you figure out what those right actions are. 

You can see how my coach Anastacia started earning six figures: 

To those who don't have money, we help
you learn how to earn for FREE. 

There were times in my life when I was completely broke, 
so I understand how it feels. That's why we took so much time
to help you learn how to earn from $0 and then invest your first earnings
from one high-earning program to an even higher-earning one,
 till you have built your business! 

You can see "The Formula": 

Critical Skill #1: Effective Advertising

We advertise ONLY on good ad sites where

Advertising takes daily work. You can do it in your spare time
BUT you do have to do it daily and regularly if you want to see 
You also need a LOT of good advertising. Some people 
think that using one ad site is enough. That's simply not true. 
People need to see your ads everywhere.

You can see our list of the best safelists and
join most of them completely for free

We TRACK our links, hits, and conversions
so we know our advertising is working!

If you don't track your links, then you won't know what ad pages are or 
aren't working
. You also won't know if your ads are even being seen!
Clixtrac also enables you to not only track your hits but also track
your CONVERSIONS (which is even more important). 

We also continually work on getting better at
our advertising methods. SEO, Social Media Marketing, 
building leverage, and more.


You can see how to track your links like a pro: 

If you join under me or your sponsor and want our free training on how to
use Clixtrac, just email me. 

We found a way to mail to 5,000,000
real prospects a month with only
1/2 hour of work a day!

I found the Big Dogs Secret many years ago and it revolutionized
my advertising!
I found I could get all my advertising done each day
with minimal work and still reach millions of prospects a month.

I also realized that to "run with the Big Dogs" you could
go slowly and upgrade to the ad sites as I had the funds available
(one program at a time).

I didn't have the money to upgrade
to all the ad sites all at once either.
But over time I saved
up and bought OTOs (One Time Offers) or as I increased my earnings,
I increased my advertising strength dramatically. You can do the
same as I did.
Try out the Big Dogs. You will NOT be disappointed!

You can see the Secrets of the BIG DOGS

We mail to 99 Sites with only 3-4 Clicks.
We found that it's very important to reach a LOT of ad
sites with minimal effort. These are real sites with
real people 
seeing your ads.

This gives us a lot of leverage! 
We also earn well each month from the referral program too!  

You can the Referral Frenzy TrainingHERE

Critical Skill #2: Effective Capture Page Creation.

We learn how to create our own splash pages.
Those that learn this skill, take control of getting many new subscribers
each day and building their list fast. 

Don't know how to make your own ad pages? No problem!

We help create "done for you" ad pages, capture pages, splash pages,
and sales pages for you. We also give you a new share code each
month and show you step-by-step how to build it.
we teach you how to begin mastering capture page
creation one small step at a time. 

Critical Skill #3: Effective List Building.

You will find that those who learn how to advertise well (skill #1) and
create their own ad pages (skill #2), eventually dominate at building
their list fast
(skill #3)Those that choose the easy way out, lose out.
We want you to win. We believe that developing your skills
will increase your income dramatically. 

Get the duplicatable tools and training: HERE

Critical Skill #4: Effective Communication.

We write one new email each day to our growing list.

Don't know how to write your own emails? No problem!

We help create "done for you" email campaigns and 
show you one step at a time how to change each email 
to be "your own". 

You can have the biggest list in the world but
it won't matter if they don't know who you are.
They must know who YOU really are if you 
want them to join you

Sounds hard? Well, everything is easy if you
start one step at a time.
That's how it was for
me and it will be the same for you.

One thing I noticed
from my seven-figure mentor. I ALWAYS got an
email from him every day. And I could tell
that he wrote them. What does this tell you?

Hey, I'm just being 
real with you! Don't want to write emails?
I always say if you want to earn as the pros do,
then do what the pros do.
And maybe you and I 
aren't as good as them but everyone has
to start somewhere. 

With these tools and training, you can edit your emails,
and share them with your subscribers and your team!

You can see our email autoresponder tools,
how to join our team and how to earn
big ticket commissions: 

Critical Skill #5: Effective Funnel Building

When we learned how to make our own funnels,
we learned how to increase our income.

We will teach you how to build your own funnel STEP by STEP.
We give you one video at a time. We will also be there for you 1:1 to help 
you every time you get stuck or need personal help.


join us by upgrading to one safelist or offer in here at a time

We will help you promote it with a separate funnel made for each.
Just email us what safelist or opportunity you joined under us
and we will help make you a promotional splash page! :)

Right now these are the splash pages we've made for promoting 
mailers and such (click on each to see):

FreeAdvertisingForYou (FAFY)
?EuropeanSafelis t
Referral Frenzy
Elite List Builders
Elite Ad Exchange
Prosperity Marketing System
The Secret of the Big Dogs
Advertising Crash Course

And more coming each month...

Join us in PLS! See ALL these pages above PLUS
54 additional splash pages that are available!

Now up to 73 and growing each month. 

Simply join us in the Power Lead System (PLS) and get one
splash page and funnel made for you PLUS access to all 73 share codes,
video training (on setting them up) AND at least ONE new
Share Code a month

This new share code will
be added to the Formula in Step 10 each month

To see sample pages go here .

Want to get started?
You can see how to set up your own FORMULA funnel.
Go to STEP 1 inside & Start for $1 for
the fastest results: 

Getting new members takes time and skill,
so we leverage the efforts of others
We realized many years ago that no matter how good you get 
at bringing in new members, it can sometimes get slow and sometimes be hard.
For those who aren't good at it, it's almost always slow and almost always hard (no 
matter what anyone tells you).
The better you get at the
5 Critical Skills, the easier
things get
. This is why LEVERAGING others' efforts is SO important.

That's why we use GDI (Global Domains International)
as our biggest leveraging tool. GDI makes it possible to earn five levels down.
GDI is a top-ranking company with top ratings (BBB = A+) that has
been around for many years and pays regularly.  

I personally have a big team in GDI,  earn every day from them, and 
we have a special training called "The Steps to Six Figures" to help you!
Of course, we can't guarantee the same results. It's our recommendation 
to get started when you make up your mind to build smart!


You can START our Training for $0. It normally
costs $100, but you get a special free admission today!
You can also join GDI from inside:

I knew I needed help and reached out for it.
Those who ask will receive. I was struggling for five years without anyone helping me.
It was hard to trust anyone as I had been scammed over and over again.

But one day, I met a mentor who I could see knew the answers
I had been looking for so long. I had gone through over 40 different opportunities
and spent over $10,000 in my search.
But it was only when I started working
with my mentor 1:1, that things changed for me. And I know it will
make all the difference for you too!

You can reach me or your sponsor below. Realize that I help
your sponsor and will help you too! 

Simply email Albie or your sponsor back with the 
subject heading: "will you be my coach?and we will!

Your Sponsor: 

Albie Derbyshire 

You can also join us in an inexpensive program (it's only $12 mo)
called the Prosperity Marketing System (PMS)
The great thing is you earn 100% commissions with this ($10 per person*)

*See PMS's compensation plan for more details.

We have a big team from all over the world. During this time, we've never found one
country that couldn't join PMS. It's accessible to almost everyone!
 You will find out how to get 500 FREE PROMO CODES,
Weekly Training, 
and we can help you personally!

Get started for a free 7-day trial now!



We promote advertising that will help your business....................
Go ahead and get 5000 free Credits + 1 free Solo now!

2. We promote a business that has the
POWER.to take you to six.......
 You can start for only $1 today!

3. We help those who need to start for FREE. ........................................

4. We advertise only on good safelists where we get results..............

5. We track our links, hits, and conversions. 
We continually work on...
getting better at our advertising methods.

6. We mail over 5 million prospects each month with only half an......
hour of work a day. 

7. We mail a few times each week to over 99 ad sites in just 3 clicks.

8. We learn how to create our own ad pages. In getting better at this
and advertising, we are able to build a big list faster!

9. We write our email list, one new email each day. Taking on this
challenge rocked my world a few years back.

10. We increased our income by creating our own funnels. We can't
guarantee income again but are sharing only what we have experienced. 
Many funnels we have built have had dramatic results. 

One evening I was thinking about how I could help people more
and this came to my mind. I truly hope it has helped you
understand internet marketing more! Please let me know
if it has! You will put a smile on my face! :) 


11. Getting new members takes skill, so we use leverage.
... et............
The more skills you have the easier this gets. 

12. We knew we needed help and reached out for it. We encourage.....
you to do the same. :)

Don't put it off. Start on one of these now!
Come back tomorrow and complete another one.
Mastering the basics is what it's ALL about!
We're here personally to help you. 

We're looking for new leaders to join us in
our "Inner Circle". We want you to
be there with us!

Key Takeaway

Get started on ONE thing now! Don't leave this page without implementing at least one small step.

Success is built one day at a time, one small action at a time.

"Success is neither magical nor mysterious.
Success is the natural consequence of consistently applying the basic fundamentals."

Jim Rohn


 Finished getting one small thing done?
Congrats! You're moving in the right direction.

Also, look for our email with more online 
tips and secrets.

NEW: The Formula For Success (Part 2) HERE

Thanks For Visiting! 

We hope we get the pleasure to meet you

and help you find success!


Albie Derbyshire
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